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Instead, you will want to continuously analyze the results that you achieve while considering how to improve even further. By “minding the gaps” in your automation with the use of advanced tools such as Kofax RPA, you can nurture a better means of doing business. Even companies that have successfully deployed automation may have gaps in their implementation. These gaps represent missed opportunities, and when you fill them in, they can help your teams to recognize even more exciting improvements. Dean has worked on several projects to automate this process quickly and efficiently by scanning the data, finding issues and bringing them to a team member’s attention for review. Finally, once the correct data is identified, a bot can programmatically correct the data issue across all impacted systems.

The outcome of the automation project was that the RPA bot boosted regulatory compliance and generated a 75% saving on current due-diligence costs. The metric robotic process automation can help you boost here is Days Payable Outstanding. Though a high DPO has its advantages, as there is more cash on hand for short-term operations, it may be tricky in terms of reputation. A high DPO is good when it’s triggered by friendly credit terms, and not so good if the reason is that you are not able to pay your bills on time due to inefficiency.

Boost operational efficiency

Collecting such data and performing calculations is prone to errors that might lead to dissatisfied employees. It is a critical business process that can take up a significant number of business hours for the account team to ensure accurate balance comparisons. Back-and-forth references and logins required into different systems need a hawk’s eye to ensure no errors were made, and the numbers are compared accurately. To achieve the full benefit of finance robotics, corporate controllers need to restructure their workforce to enable automated work, free from human interference.

In response, his team has developed an RPA workflow that uses fuzzy logic to improve data identification and machine learning to avoid repeating previous posting errors. This has drastically improved accuracy of cash application and substantially reduced processing time. IBM is building the industry’s most comprehensive suite of AI-powered Automation capabilities. With IBM Robotic Process Automation, financial services firms like Credigy Solutions can automate more business and IT tasks at scale with the ease and speed of traditional RPA. Software robots, or bots, can act on AI insights to complete tasks with no lag time and accelerate digital transformation. The biggest benefit for manufacturers utilizing RPA is its ability to reduce the need for manual labor, which is an expensive commodity.

Invoice Processing

For example, legacy billing systems need to interface with other systems, which may not have the capability to pull relevant data from APIs. Businesses can also leverage financial close software to automate financial close processes. See our article on financial close automation checklist for an in-depth explanation. Businesses can automate rpa finance examples product updates to instantly inform their customer base of any improvements or new features to their product line. In addition, automating product updates saves businesses the expense of hiring someone to inform customers from time to time. At UiPath, People Operations Team automated aspects of the onboarding process for new employees.

  • For instance, the banks and the trading company communicate through letters of credit, and other documents, which need to be processed (see diagram below from IBM).
  • Numbers are essential to Finance, and even if a single digit goes wrong- an entire system could go haywire.
  • This is a valuable opportunity for IT service providers to expand into a new domain which can help them reach new customers or grow their relationship with existing customers.
  • Only 37% of finance functions have a clearly defined digital technology investment strategy for the next two to three years.
  • They can also match the purchase order with the invoice, compare them, and flag the mismatches (if any) for review.

As a result, businesses would maximize revenue, save time, and receive payments more quickly. Finding the right partner is best done by understanding their industry experience, assessing their credentials and level of knowledge, and seeing what they’ve achieved for other companies in your space. Cloud-based RPA doesn’t come with a major upfront investment, making its long-term ROI even more enticing. All you need to pay for on an ongoing basis is the RPA software license, the virtual machine, and your RPA-managed service.

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Traditionally, these tasks required employees to match SKUs to categories in complex spreadsheets manually. Intelligent process automation demands more than the simple rule-based systems of RPA. You can think of RPA as “doing” tasks, while AI and ML encompass more of the “thinking” and “learning,” respectively. It trains algorithms using data so that the software can perform tasks in a quicker, more efficient way.

rpa finance examples

IT teams can sometimes use low-code/no-code platforms to create lightweight automations that are implemented as code. They can also use API management platforms or integration platform as a service to facilitate direct integrations that work much faster than RPA. However, RPA has an advantage in that it can access any application that a human can, which is not always possible or easy with these other technologies. For years, organizations have been trying to find financial improvements through enterprise systems, reporting tools and stopgap measures that attempted to eliminate repetitive manual actions.

Investing in banking automation

These companies become more efficient and scalable while improving the customer experience through faster, less error-prone, more cost-effective services. In fact, a 2017 McKinsey study found that general accounting operations have the biggest potential for automation, while in the coming years RPA will complete up to 25% of banking tasks. This will free up staff in the field from mundane activities so they can focus on higher-value work. But, they are not the only solution that’s worthwhile when it comes to finance. But, finance departments require access to deep insights and real-time analytics, which a solution like SolveXia can provide.

rpa finance examples

For example, they may be used to approve payments to vendors even when a 3-way match is not reflected in the systems or enable employees to take additional days off. This improves user satisfaction and saves support personnel from wasting time on calls about problems they already know about. There are workload automation (WLA) tools that can be scheduled to run regular diagnostics on the processes to notify users of possible failures.


Some legacy systems force customer service reps to complete numerous steps to complete some common tasks. If these steps do not require human judgment, they can be automated, saving significant time. Organizations will need to promote a culture of learning and innovation as responsibilities within job roles shift. The adaptability of a workforce will be important for successful outcomes in automation and digital transformation projects. By educating your staff and investing in training programs, you can prepare teams for ongoing shifts in priorities. RPA can support processes, such as, lost/stolen card replacement, charge reversals, billing processes, or card blocking decisions (based on customer requests).

RPA can schedule a patient’s appointments based on diagnosis, doctor availability, location, and other variables including financial statements and insurance information. The top-10 American colleges, in terms of number of applications, received between 65K-109K applications in 2021. Schools and universities can use RPA for initial screening of applications to eliminate those that do not meet the basic requirement criteria, such as missing documents, spam applications, and the such. RPA can be one of the technologies to start the smart irrigators whenever IoT sensors indicate a drop in soil moisture level. Moreover, by accessing weather data thanks to agriculture APIs, RPAs can plan the irrigation schedule with respect to predicted precipitation levels.

Loan Processing and validation

Closely related to customer onboarding, RPA accounting can make your opening processes easier and faster. Having robots enter data by reading documents cuts out errors to improve data quality, while minimizing issues and delays. According to McKinsey & Company, roughly 42% of finance operations can be fully automated. Functions such as business development, risk management, treasury, revenue management, general accounting, audit, and more can be managed by robotic process automation. Although most businesses run their process through tax processing software, there is still a significant amount of manual work involved. Most of this manual work can be done using RPA bots to reduce time and costs while ensuring better accuracy and adherence to compliance parameters.