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» Challenges and Benefits of Working Across Time Zones

Cloud-based platforms like Google Drive or Dropbox allow for seamless sharing and storage of documents, presentations, and spreadsheets. This might mean taking breaks throughout the day to stretch, meditate, or exercise, and setting aside time for hobbies and other non-work related activities. Finally, another important aspect working remotely in a different time zone is establishing a dedicated workspace and avoiding working from your bed or couch. By creating a physical separation between work and home life, you can help to maintain a healthy balance and avoid burnout. If a meeting is necessary, make attendance optional so you’re not asking teammates to stay up late to get up early.

To hold a real asynchronous meeting, you must provide a sense of structure. Meeting organizers must select a limited number of participants and create an agenda with a clear purpose. As the meeting “takes place,” they must also set clear deadlines, invoke responses, and generally oversee the progress of the event. When you think of a meeting, it evokes images of well-dressed employees gathered around conference tables in the same space.

How to manage remote workers across different time zones

This strategy makes your projects asynchronous, which remote developer Mutahhir Ali Hayat suggests is the best way to make remote development work out. Aside from the few weeks every year when we’re all together at our company retreats, there’s always someone at Zapier awake and working. Time zone coverage is just something that’s automatically possible with distributed teams. Neither is Silicon Valley or the city where your company is based.

It’s a simple, text-based world clock provides an at-a-glance update. Too much of a good thing, though, can mean getting nothing done. A time difference gives you the freedom to code or write without distraction.

Best Workplace Communication Strategies

You can use the time to update everyone on projects and timelines so everyone hears the same consistent messaging and is able to ask questions. “Setting the stage with all stakeholders at the beginning of a project and setting expectations on response times can keep everyone on track,” Hoffbauer said. Try to ensure there is an overlap in working hours between people working on the same projects in different locations. This way, there will always be someone available to help out with more time-sensitive matters when you have finished your working day. It’s important to set clear working hours to create a sustainable working schedule for yourself and your team.

Time zones are geographical locations where people experience similar daylight hours at any given time throughout the year. To work effectively with a remote team, you’ll need to put in the effort and build strong relationships across time zones. Now that we learned the challenges of working remotely through a different time zone let’s see a few tactics that you can adopt to master time zone management. One of the most significant challenges of working in a different time zone is the potential for communication barriers.

Best Practices for Working Across Multiple Time Zones

But don’t just wait for your weekly/monthly visit, add daily self-massages to your work breaks. Start with your shoulders and https://remotemode.net/ legs 🦵, then finish with your forearms and hands ✋. So what can remote workers do to relax and take care of themselves?

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