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Explorer Panel Tab Mounting


  • Set of 6 Plastic Panel Mounts, AP-EKIT-SUPPL-PLAST
  • Plastic Panel Tabs Have Hole Size of 0.19″ – perfect for 6-32 or M3 Threaded Inserts
  • Set of 6 Metal Panel Mounts, AP-EKIT-SUPP-EXP
  • Metal Hole Size of 0.19″
  • Set of 6 Blind Inserts, AP-EXPL-PLUGS
  • Available for All Explorer Cases Except P/N AP-E1908


The Explorer line of Injection Molded Cases include a panel mount option that is built into the case.  The most popular option is the black plastic panel tabs, P/N AP-EKIT-SUPPL-PLAST.  This includes a set of 6 plastic panel tabs that mount into any of the explorer case plastic case line and x screws for mounting the panels.  Another popular choice is the metal panel tabs, P/N AP-EKIT-SUPP-EXP, which include 6 pieces as well.  The blind plastic fillers, p/n AP-EXPL-PLUGS, set of 6, are just dropped into the case for a more finished interior look.

All models (except for the 1908) are internally equipped with specific slots, to apply the optional metal or plastic brackets which provide either a panel’s fixing points or a fix mechanical joint inside the case, to build more complete applications. This way the case becomes a real workstation, rather than just a carrying container. As the panel mounting brackets are mechanically fixed by screws, they can be removed when necessary. The dedicated screws allow the case to remain waterproof, and help the panels to be removed easily and quickly


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