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Explorer Adjustable Dividers Set

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  • Highly Durable Padded Material
  • Internal Adjustable Padded Dividers
  • Use 2 pcs in the Explorer 7630 Cases
  • Use 1 pc along with 1 pc AP-EBAG-L in the Explorer 7630 Case
  • Exterior Length: 19.13″
  • Exterior Width: 15.00″
  • Exterior Depth: 9.45″
  • Available in Black


This Explorer Padded Divider Kit is the ideal solution to protect sensitive electronic, photographic, broadcasting, and medical equipment. It is available in black.  You can use this Set inside of the Explorer 7630  cases in two combinations. First you can 2 of these dividers by themselves in the case for great flexibility.  You can also use this padded divider  (1 pc) along with 1 pc AP-EBAG-L.  This makes for some great combinations of kits to be held in a few cases for transport to teams out in the field.




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