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APBA-PE1810 Medium Duty Carrying Case

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Internal Length 18.00″
Internal Width 10.00″
Internal Depth 5.00 – 16.00″
Internal Base Depth 2.50 – 8.00″
Internal Lid Depth 2.50 – 8.00″
External Length .00″
External Width .00″
External Depth .00″
Weight 7.00 lbs


Product Information

Our Medium-duty Carrying Cases are formed from our extensive library of tooling for carrying cases. Therefore,  your case may have horizontal or vertical ribs like a briefcase. These ribs add to the case appearance while also contributing to it’s rigidity and strength. Most cases also have molded-in feet for upright stability..

Medium-duty Carrying Cases are best for products that require a handsome, quality, durable case that might be transported frequently. Fine as airline luggage on occasion. Great for sales, OEM, and on-site kits. Items such as medical equipment, diagnostic instruments, electronic devices, and xylophones. Our Medium-duty
Carrying Cases offer more durability, sizes, and options than most other types and brands of case. These cases reflect the quality of their contents.

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Internal Length


Internal Width



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